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Lang Mechanical, Inc.

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We routinely work with our customers to provide design input and cost analysis. We have a proven track record helping to reduce the owners’ costs for projects without sacrificing quality.

Coordination/BIM Modeling

Proper coordination is key to the success of a project. Using BIM Modeling for the systems we install streamlines the coordination process and therefore the construction phase of each project.

Ductwork Fabrication

Lang Mechanical, Inc. boasts a full in-house Ductwork Fabrication facility. Utilizing Coil Line and robotic plasma table systems, we have the ability to produce ductwork efficiently while maximizing quality.

Piping Pre-Fabrication

We have a full in-house pipe pre-fabrication system allowing us to get ahead of schedule on larger projects and reduce downtime for scheduled and emergency shutdown projects. With the ability of handling stainless, carbon, and copper, this process keeps us ahead of the game.

Underground Mechanical Piping Distribution

We install field-insulated and pre-insulated piping systems of all types whether the design involves using steel or plastic based piping products. Our installation process is typically either open trench or directional boring.

Commercial/Industrial Heating,Ventilation, & Air ConditioningSystems

HVAC system designs are driven by multiple factors. We pride ourselves in having a wealth of expertise in the installation of all types of systems both unique and generic, large or small. Click here to see the different types of systems that we install.

Bringing Ideas to Reality for Over 20 Years

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